College Graduate Looking to Make a Difference

mansion photoI am a Jersey girl (born and raised) from Washington Township, which sometimes feels like a little world in itself. I recently graduated from Cabrini University with a degree in Digital Communications and Social Media, as well as Marketing. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a passion like no other for storytelling. To this day, there is nothing I love more than writing stories and editing and capturing film footage, both in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. I am a firm believer that if you give a girl a video camera, she can conquer the world.

Throughout my four years at Cabrini, I have been the president of my class, experienced winning a CSAC championship with the volleyball team, helped freshmen while being an orientation leader, gave tours to prospective students in the Admissions Office and was the president for Cabrini’s chapter of the Society for Collegiate Journalists. During my junior year, I was the Editor in Chief of the university’s newspaper, The Loquitur. I was in charge of editing the newspaper, leading my 12 editors and providing guidance to my 35 staff writers. The 3:00 a.m. nights in the newsroom for half of the week might have been difficult at times, but it mentoring students and helping them find that same passion that I found while being a staff writer was worth every minute. I was also the on-air sports anchor for Cabrini’s weekly news program, LOQation. I worked with a group of three students to create, edit and produce segments, both in news and sports, while reporting about both Philadelphia and Cabrini sports teams.

I have interned for Cabrini’s marketing and communications department, writing press releases for the college, creating videos, creating social media plans for the college’s platforms and blogging. I also interned at Bad Rhino in Wayne, PA as a social media marketing intern. My most recent internship was with Aberdeen Asset Management, where I dipped my toes into the corporate world and interned on the product team, learning about mutual funds and the company’s other capabilities.

My senior year, I was chosen to take part in a year-long, honors capstone course that Cabrini had to offer. My class sat down and created a whole multimedia website on a social justice issue that has touched many of our lives – addiction. Our website,, was awarded a Gold Davey Award for a website fighting for activism. Being the content strategist for this website opened my eyes to the struggles of addiction, as well as the systemic issues that impact the lives of millions each and every day. I worked to gather interviews from all over the country, wrote articles, curated media, shot footage and edited videos. Here is an example of a piece that I shot and edited for the site:

As for some fun facts about me: summer is my absolute favorite time of the year, because I love sitting on the beach with a book and not a care in the world. There is nothing that I want more than to give back and spend my life helping others. I am hoping that I can use communications to achieve that dream, by continuing to tell the stories of others, and then one day creating my own nonprofit. I am also excited to one day attend graduate school, as education is something that I am very passionate about. If I can look back one day and say that I helped others and used film to do it, I can say that I lived one successful life.

Here is a podcast of my Cabrini communication experience summed up:


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